A Long Blog Drought

Aperitif Time - linocut -Proof Print - Jenn White

Aperitif Time – linocut -Proof Print

It’s a shock to realise it’s almost a year since the last posting, here.  There’s nothing quite like a troubling and failing relationship and months of feeling my age, in the form of various physical inconveniences, to put a gag on the Muse, and a halt to things I used to enjoy doing.  Add to that, the vagaries of working with ‘technology’ that doesn’t want to behave (for me, at least, a lot of the time) and you have a blog drought.  Now that the Muse has shucked her gag, and making up for lost time, I’d prefer to be in the studio, rather than waiting for the machine to overheat and shut down, mid-sentence, (which it did/has!) but I’ve done my stint in the hot tin shed, and waiting for the morning’s work to dry.

The print shown above was a quick project in response to the Muse’s nagging to a short-notice art call.  She’s good at that. When in full Nag mode, she tends to assume I’m the Masked Marvel in speed and dexterity.  Often, my response is, “Yes, great idea.  I’ll think about that one, while I finish the other six projects you’ve already got me working on.” This time, I put on hold the said six, and got stuck in.  The call was for the ‘Women (Rural), Wine and Wetlands Art Prize’, to be exhibited at the Red Tail Gallery in Edenhope, Victoria.  With all of one day to organise an entry, I’d decided on entering the White-faced Heron, in keeping with the ‘wetlands’ part of the theme.  However, The Nag, Goddess love her, decided that was just not good enough.

One of the six current projects is a barely-in-progress edition of small books, combining images and words, my two creative passions.  The books will feature Aussie magpies. At present, Maggies are very much on my mind, and are always deeply entrenched in my heart.  This, despite being stabbed in the head by a ‘local’ during nesting season a couple of years back. My fault.  Having been a wildlifer, I knew better than to try and ‘rescue’ the nestling, blown out of a nest and huddled near the car’s wheel.  I didn’t want to run over the poor baby.  Anyway, combine my preoccupation with maggies, and The Nag on my case about the wine and rural women aspects of the art call, and it was precious little sleep for me that night.

Am I happy with the print?  Largely, yes.  It depicts what I was aiming for.  Are there things I would change? Yes, definitely – the woman’s overly-chubby cheek for one, some of the line work for another.  Oh, and there’s the…  Being a perfectionist sucks.  As do times of inactivity enforced by ailments.  But, hey, I’m back!

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