A Hard-working Dog in Lino

Kelpie - Linocut - Jenn White

Kelpie – Linocut

It’s appropriate that a Kelpie be present at the upcoming Print on the Line exhibition, happening this coming weekend.  A short drive from Sandford is Warrock Homestead, the birthplace of the original Kelpie.  It’s a lovely, atmospheric place, a complete village with oodles of history.  Casterton, an even shorter drive from home, honours this special dog with statues in the street and the annual Kelpie Muster every June.  In all conscience, I couldn’t leave the dog in the kennel, so to speak.  The lino block will be available for others to print, if they want to ‘have a go’ over the weekend.  I wanted a subject that might appeal to many, and also highlight some of the mark-making in a black and white relief print.

Right now, I can relate to how tired a working dog must feel at the end of day of rounding up sheep.  The only sheep in the vicinity are the ones in the paddock next door.  I haven’t been rounding them up, but I have been putting in long hours, preparing for the exhibition.  Who’d have thought there were so many things to think about.

Flowers wrens and plant markers - hand printed - Jenn White

Flowers wrens and plant markers

The printed book page wrens and flowers and printed wooden plant markers are done.  It is after all a backyard theme, and a ‘print’ exhibition.  Greenery, to go with the flowers will be prunings from the quince tree, which has shot profusely from beneath the graft.  Very pretty, but they’re taking the strength from the main tree, and potential fruit.  And I do love my quince jam.  Still much to do…and I could well be hunting out a house cleaner.

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