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A Printing Press by Another Name

I do enjoy printing with a metal spoon or baren (a small, handheld bamboo disk used for burnishing the back of the printing paper), but there are times I’d like to play with a press.  I also love old things.  … Continue reading

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My first printmaking project for the year was to be an edition for the Baren Forum Woodblock Printing Group.  An un-themed exchange, I struggled with choosing a subject – too many ideas.  I had thought to do a reduction print, … Continue reading

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Someone’s Best Friend in Print, Paws and All.

Yesterday, the temperature soared into the forties (centigrade). I was coping okay.  Too hot to make printing ink work down in the studio, I battened down, working on my novel, regularly cringing as the violent winds bludgeoned the gum trees … Continue reading

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Myth, Magic and Maladies

Combining paint and a touch of printmaking Continue reading

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Times Past in Linocuts

Remembering through printmaking. Continue reading

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Teaching Linocuts among the Brolgas

Watched over by a very mixed flock of Brolgas in various stances and sizes, five participants embarked on the linocut printing process at Edenhope’s Red Tail Gallery last weekend.  The Kowree Farm Tree Group, a dedicated group of people committed to … Continue reading

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An Odd Way of Exhibiting Prints

  Faced with the prospect of exhibiting in my local hall over 200 hundred original prints, gleaned from years’ of print exchanges, I needed to think ‘off the wall’, which describes accurately the set-up that eventuated.  And, it worked a … Continue reading

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